Washington State's National Parks and Wilderness-June 2018

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Washington State's National Parks and Wilderness-June 2018


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Join us this June for a journey that will span across mighty snowcapped volcanoes into magnificent temperate rain forests as we explore Washington’s grandeur. You will never have to look far to behold awe-inspiring scenery and the ever so important photo opportunity. As we travel through Mount Rainier National Park you will witness frozen lakes and vast meadows surrounded by towering spires of volcanic rock and one of the most topographically prominent peaks on Earth, Mount Rainier itself. Into Olympic National Park, we will be dazzled by lush forests, expansive mountain ranges, and impressive sea stacks. Once you arrive in Washington, all of the travel and accommodations will be provided so that you can focus on getting your shot.


Day 1

  • Introductions
    • Meet for initial introductions so your guides know who you are and what photography skill level you are at.
    • Provide quick syllabus of materials to be worked on during the expedition.
    • Discuss what is to be focused on when shooting the images for the day
  • Mount Rainier National Park
    • Head into the park at Longmire and make our way up to Paradise stopping at Narada Falls, Christine Falls, and Comet Falls for photos.
    • Arrive at Paradise.
  • Classroom Workshop
    • This is the first class of the trip.
    • We will go through the syllabus of what is to be covered.
    • First course from syllabus will be taught.
    • Edit first picture from the trip, you may follow along if you desire.

Day 2

  • Mount Rainier National Park
    • Hike the Skyline Trail with a 1,380 ft elevation gain to Panorama Point and excellent views of the Nisqually Glacier.
    • Hike the Bench and Snow Lake trail along low ridges and open meadows of wild flowers. 
  • Seattle City
    • Arrive back in Seattle where we will spend an evening shooting the cityscape over the Puget Sound. 
    • Dinner
  • Classroom Workshop
    • In this classroom session, we will cover techniques pertinent to images from the days shoot. 
    • Begin to cover more advanced techniques for artifact removal and light manipulation. 

Day 3

  • Olympic National Park
    • Explore the many ridge trails of Hurricane Ridge for sweeping views of the Olympic range and Mount Olympus. 
    • Arrive at Shi Shi Beach and point of arched to shoot the magnificent sea stacks and arches that adorn the Washington coastline. 
  • Classroom Workshop

Day 4

  • Olympic National Park
    • From the coast, venture into the Hoh Rain Forest where we will pay visits to a few of the regions many waterfalls as we navigate the lush forests.
    • For the final sunset shot, back to the coast at Rialto Beach. 

Day 5

  • Final Classroom Workshop
  • Open to Class Decision
    • Here we let the class come to a common decision as to what to do. We will have time to visit a location which you all would like to see most!



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