Oregon Coastline and Cascades-March 2018

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Oregon Coastline and Cascades-March 2018


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Join us this March to take in the extraordinary beauty of the Pacific Northwest and its amazing coastline! This region of the United States is absolutely breathtaking. Point that camera in any direction and you are guaranteed a perfect capture. We will travel along the most beautiful areas this region has to offer; from Thor's Well where water appears to drain straight into the Earth itself, to Silver Falls where you will hike behind a massive waterfall, you will see it all. Every day on this adventure we will travel to planned locations which are destined to be in your camera's viewfinder. All lodging accommodations on trip will be provided for and will surely impress.



Day 1

  • Introductions in Portland, OR
    • Meet for initial introductions so your guides know who you are and what photography skill level you are at.
    • Provide quick syllabus of materials to be worked on during the expedition.
    • Discuss what is to be focused on when shooting the images for the day.
  • Columbia Gorge
    • The Columbia Gorge is a beautiful valley running through the Cascade Mountains straight to the heart of Portland, OR. Along the gorge are many amazing views orf the mountains, river, and many waterfalls.
  • Multnomah Falls
    • What better way to start a trip in the state of Oregon than to visit Multnomah Falls! These cascading falls steps down and runs beneath a beautiful man made bridge creating one epic view. We will spend time hiking around the region and photographing all its beauty!
  • Portland City
    • Once we have fullfilled our first day of hiking around the falls, we will head back to Portland and enjoy some of the city's culture on the waterfront. We will be staying the night within the Portland city limits and enjoying some night pictures of the amazing city.

Day 2

  • Silver Falls
    • Silver Falls are widely known for the lush green landscape with a fantastic hike which takes you behind the rushing water (we recommend a poncho for this one!). If there has been a series of rain before our arrival, we are destined for some phenomenal shots.
  • Thor's Well
    • This geological wonder makes for amazing pictures at sunset. Thor's Well is a large natural hole created in the rocks which water rushes into as the waves crash into it.

Day 3

  • Oregon Coastline
    • We will drive the pacific northwest coastline and photographing this amazing gem.
  • Cannon Beach at Sunset
    • This short and easy hike along the beach will provide for some stunning shots when sunset comes to greet us! Cannon Beach is widely recognized from the movie "The Goonies" as well as many other films; it has an inert beauty that must be witnessed to believe.

Day 4

  • Portland Waterfront Daytime
    • We will take a short break from hiking and take in some of the great things Portland has to offer.
  • Mount Hood
    • Back to the hiking! Mt. Hood has some gorgeous scenery to capture, much of which is the mountain itself! Mt. Hood is one of the several peaks surrounding the Portland area filled with natural reserves protecting the natural beauty of the region.
  • Portland City Overlook
    • Just before the sun sets we will head to a city overlook and capture images of the skyline, we are lucky we will see the Mt. Hood towering over the city skyline!

Day 5

  • Final Classroom Workshop
  • Open to Class Decision
    • Here we let the class come to a common decision as to what to do. We will have time to visit a location which you all would like to see most!


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