Available Private Workshops and Expeditions


Mystical Wonderlands of Banff, Canada

The wonderful and picturesque location known as Banff, Canada is a photographer's delight! Come join us for a week long workshop of this incredible region. With the waters so blue, and the mountains shooting for the stars, this wonderland appears to have a perfect picture wherever you look. Let us help you capture your moment in one of the most BEAUTIFUL spots this world has to offer.


S. France, Swiss Alps, Dolomite Mountains

Sit back, relax, and let us do the work to get you to all the most photogenic spots throughout the Alps! On this expedition you will see many of Earth's gems created by worldly forces. We will be starting the trip in Geneva, Switzerland and winding ourselves around the region until we land ourselves in northern Italy, home of the Dolomite Mountains; Just wait until you can see these earth-shattering landscapes for yourself!



Pick up your camera and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Iceland. The famous Icelandic landscapes will take your breath away. Our group of ApertureXplorers will experience the rugged terrain on one of the newest islands in the world by hiking among volcanoes, glaciers, black sand beaches, and so much more!

This trip is operated slightly different from our other expeditions as you will be REQUIRED to rent a vehicle called a camper van. These are small vans, similar to a Ford Transit, allow for sleeping in the back with a full mattress inside capable for sleeping 2 adults. ApertureXplorer operates with these vehicles as our sleeping quarters for the majority of the trip to allow our guides to be flexible on places to stay and see. This flexibility enables our guides and guests to track down and capture Northern Lights, and adjust the trip based on weather conditions for the best results.

See trip details for major locations we will see however there will be much more on the way than we can list.


Oregon Coastline and Cascades

Join us this March to take in the extraordinary beauty of the Pacific Northwest and its amazing coastline! This region of the United States is absolutely breathtaking. Point that camera in any direction and you are guaranteed a perfect capture. We will travel along the most beautiful areas this region has to offer; from Thor's Well where water appears to drain straight into the Earth itself, to Silver Falls where you will hike behind a massive waterfall, you will see it all. Every day on this adventure we will travel to planned locations which are destined to be in your camera's viewfinder. All lodging accommodations on trip will be provided for and will surely impress.


Utah and Northern Arizona

Come with us this May for tour through red-rock canyon country as we explore the monumental beauty of the American West. We will visit and shoot some of the most famous geological landmarks in the world including the Grand Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. Be prepared for some late nights as we aim out cameras up towards some of the darkest skies in the US to capture the Milky Way and countless stars. The trip will ultimately bring us to the adventure mecca of the west, Moab, from where we will explore Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. Once you arrive in Cedar City, transportation and accommodations will be taken care of for the endurance of the trip so that you can enjoy the expedition to the fullest. 


Washington State's National Parks and Wilderness

This June, we will take you for a journey that will span across mighty snow covered volcanoes into magnificent temperate rain forests as we explore Washington’s grandeur. You will never have to look far to behold awe-inspiring scenery and the ever so important photo opportunity. As we travel through Mount Rainier National Park you will witness frozen lakes and vast meadows surrounded by towering spires of volcanic rock and one of the most topographically prominent peaks on Earth, Mount Rainier itself. Into Olympic National Park, we will be dazzled by lush forests, expansive mountain ranges, and impressive sea stacks. Once you arrive in Washington, all of the travel and accommodations will be provided so that you can focus on getting your shot.

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If you would like to pay an initial deposit for your trip you can do so here. All deposits are $1000 to show good faith for the trip. Remaining balance for the trip will be due no later than 2 months prior to the start of the expedition. All deposits are final and nonrefundable unless otherwise agreed upon by ApertureXplorer.