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Who We Are

Take a look at our biographies and learn more about who we are and what our background is. Here you will learn about our passion for photography, travel, and our desire to bring those passions to you. Together, with our combined experiences, our team will bring beauty to your photos.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

What We Do

Discover for yourself why our workshops are among the best in the business. Learn about our training methods as well as what to expect while on one of our workshops. This section gives a breakdown of how the course study is delivered both in the classroom (edit) and in the field; after reading about our ways you will be confident that this workshop is for you. Let us show you new techniques, skills, and adventures all at the same time.                                                                                 

Where Our Focus Is

Learn about our goals for you! We have dedicated ourselves to getting our clients out to Xplore the world and enjoy it all as much as we do. We are emphatic at sharing this beautiful globe with our clients and their cameras with ease and comfort!




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Awards and Competitions:

Photocrowd Top 10 Award: Iron and Steel - 2nd place out of 1325 entries

Photocrowd Top 10 Award: Rust - 2nd place out of 1062 entries

Photocrowd Top 10 Award: Landscapes - 3rd out of 100 entries

Photocrowd Expert Judging Top 10 Award: Outdoor Night Photography - 6th out of 1116 entries

Photocrowd Top 10 Award: Outdoor Night Photography - 7th out of 1116 entries